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Welcome to Northwest San Antonio Real Estate webpage that focuses on providing you with valuable information about this side of Town that will help inform you if Northwest San Antonio is a place for you to live in.

Considered to be one of the largest sections of the City of San Antonio, people have found the Northwest San Antonio a great place to live for its quality of schools, safe communities, and overall quality of life they experience in this side of town.

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History of Northwest Real

Northwest San Antonio has a deep History rooted into the City of San Antonio. The evolution of what is considered Northwest San Antonio has changed over the years in what we now know as Northwest San Antonio. Originally Northwest San Antonio was considered the area directly Northwest of San Antonio which is mostly Woodlawn Lake area and Balcones Heights Area. These were excellent areas to build homes due to the topologically terrain being relatively flat and easy to build on, and due to accessibility to Downtown San Antonio. As the city grew the expansion of this area has continue to grow in the same direction (Northwest). However the location began to shift because the Woodlawn lake area became Historic, and the Balcones Heights area became its own city so recognition of the area was better described as the Woodlawn Lake Area and the Balcones Heights Area, and although some people still call this side Northwest due to the age of the homes and the style of construction of homes. You will find that in the Woodlawn Lake area most of the homes are not built on Slab but instead on Pier and Beam. The Balcones Heights area will have mixture of slab and Pier and Beam foundation built homes. Most of the homes that is considered Northwest San Antonio will be built on a Slab foundation and there are several sub-areas within Northwest San Antonio. Inside Northwest San Antonio you will have the Medical Center Area, UTSA Area, Helotes Area, Great Northwest Area, West Creek Area, Alamo Ranch Area, SeaWorld Area, and several more areas that will be distinguish by their location and most of the homes for sale will be referred by the name of the Subdivision or some kind of feature of the area as the examples previously stated. Historically speaking, in terms of Homes construction, the Northwest San Antonio Real Estate Market is growing at a faster pace than any other side of town due to its different qualities and huge employment base that employs most of the people that live on this side of town.  In addition, Northwest San Antonio has benefited because it has had one of it’s main transportation highways improved.  Loop 1604 had some important improvements that have made the highway more convenient to use.

Geography of Northwest Real Estate or Homes for Sale

The Homes in Northwest San Antonio commence about 10miles from Downtown and the furthest point is roughly 30 miles from downtown. Due people different interpretations of what is the Boundary points between areas of that divide the different home areas. I will put where I think is the boundaries of for the Real Estate/Homes in this geographical location.  The zip codes that I use to define Northwest San Antonio are following zip codes: 78257, 78023, 78249, 78240, 78250, 78254, 78251, 78255, 78253, 78245, 78256, 78238, 78229.

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Shopping of Northwest

There is an abundance of shopping that is available in for those people looking to purchase Real Estate in Northwest San Antonio. Every major retailer that is present in San Antonio will have a store in the Northwest San Antonio. Fortunately, there are several large shopping centers and malls for Home owners in Northwest San Antonio. I will mention some the largest concentration of shopping that is available for those interested in the Real Estate market in Northwest San Antonio. La Cantera Shopping Mall is one of the largest shopping areas for the San Antonio Northwest. Please click here to see all that is available for shopping here Click Here. Located very close by is Rim Shopping Center. This is more of an outdoor mall that contains some very large retailers not found in the Shops of La Cantera, so both shopping centers make each other excellent complements to each other. You can find all the shopping available at the Rim by Click Here.

The third largest shopping center is the Alamo Ranch Shopping Center located off Culebra. You can find it’s directory Click Here.

Lifestyle/Culture of Northwest

Northwest San Antonio has a delightful Lifestyle/Culture located in this area of San Antonio. This area of town is very family orientated because there is a high composition of mostly homes and office or retail building located all over Northwest San Antonio. The Northwest San Antonio feels like a large suburb and is very appealing visually. There are dense views of Oak Trees as you travel through the highways and streets of Northwest San Antonio. The Oak trees are not very large in statue and are somewhat uniform, so from a distance, they make a beautiful sight because they seem as if they were built next to each other in a never ending display of trees.

The majority of the neighborhoods in the Northwest San Antonio have Home Owners Association, and these HOA’s help in maintaining the loveliness of the communities within Northwest San Antonio Real Estate Market. Most of the streets retain their small town feel because most of the streets are old cattle routes that were used before cars were invented. In addition, most communities will have community parks, and there are also several large natural parks located within Northwest San Antonio so that families can have a place to enjoy family activities.

O.P. Schnaebel is one of the most popular parks in Northwest because there are Soccer, Basketball, and Baseball fields. There is a YMCA built inside the park and there is also a playscape, hiking, and biking trails. To find out more information please Click Here

There are several other parks including a Texas State Park in Northwest San Antonio.

The people that live in the Northwest San Antonio are generally very friendly and have and value strong family values. There is direct correlation between the price range and the socio/economic standing of your neighbors and the student composition the school they belong too.

You will find many different price range homes and types of communities in Northwest San Antonio.

Economy of Northwest

The Northwest San Antonio Economy is one of the driving forces that has been fueling the growth of this area of the Real Estate Market in the City of San Antonio. The largest employer in the area is the US Military. Lackland Airforce Base is the only facility in the Air Force that conducts Basic Military Training. In addition, Camp Bullis and Stanley are in Near Proximity.

Apart from the Military, the Medical Center area, Valero, and several large office type job employers reside in the Northwest San Antonio.

Schools of Northwest

The San Antonio Northwest belongs to the North Independent School District (NISD); the largest School District in San Antonio. The quality of schools is testament of the type of education parents expect from their children that live in Northwest San Antonio. To find out more about NISD please visit their website by click here.

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